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OS X: Disable IPv6 Address Privacy

For those that are really into privacy, the Privacy Extensions defined in RFC 4941 are a really good thing. This extension circumvents SLAAC and has the result of randomizing your IPv6 address. Like I said, if privacy is a big deal for you, this is definitely something you want enabled. Fortunate...

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Cisco: Telnet/SSH work, HTTP Gives Permission Denied

Here are a few tips that might be helpful if you are having trouble accessing your Cisco router or switch via the web server. Make sure you have the right password! This is pretty obvious, but it's definitely the first thing worth checking. If you're using aaa new-model, you will need to tell the web […]

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Disable Spanning-Tree Per VLAN

If you need to disable spanning-tree on a particular VLAN in your Cisco-based network, use the following command...

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Recover Lost Pre-Shared Keys

Not everyone has a great password maintenance process. If you run into a situation where the group pre-shared keys for your VPN are lost, you face the option of changing the existing key (and breaking any users that are currently working), or creating a new group with a new key.

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Cisco IPS Inline Bypass Mode

On occasion, you may need to put your Cisco IPS into bypass mode. Bypass mode allows the IPS to pass traffic without inspecting it. This may be useful if you suspect the IPS is causing a problem, if you are going to run a one-time scan that would set the IPS off, or you need […]

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