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VirtualBox 3 Keeps Getting Better

If you're like me, you abandoned non-free virtualization options in favor of VirtualBox. I use VirtuaBox every day on my iMac in order to perform Windows or Linux specific tasks. Since Sun released VirtualBox 3 this summer, they continued to improve the product. Check out the ChangeLog to see what fixes and features have been […]

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Cisco EoL / EoS Batch #122

Welcome to the Cisco End-of-Life / End-of-Sale Announcement Batch #122. Most Cisco End-of-Life / End-of-Sale announcements include a list of product migration options. If you need help deciding which product is best for you, send me a message.

Categories: Networking

Sipura 2100 ATA Factory Reset Procedure

This information is contained in the documentation for the ATA, but I never have that handy when I need it. Here are the steps for performing a factory reset on a Sipura 2100 ATA: Plug an analog phone into either phone port. Dial **** Dial 73738# Dial 1# Hangup

Categories: Voice / Voice over IP

Bleeding Edge Technology in the Enterprise

As new technology breakthroughs happen, there is always an enterprise willing to be an early adopter. Bleeding edge technology is hardware, software, or concepts that are new and untested. My enterprises choose to become early adopters in the hope of gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors. Two examples of bleeding edge technology beginning to […]

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IS Trends for SMBs

Due to their size, small businesses are often behind the curve when it comes to trends in information systems. Fortunately, their small size also imparts on them the ability to respond quickly when an opportunity presents itself. In today's rapidly changing marketplace, SMBs must be prepared to deploy decision support systems, especially those with real-time […]

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