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Lion + Cisco VPN DNS Workaround

When I upgraded to OS X 10.7 (Lion), I started using the built-in IPSec VPN client rather than Cisco's VPNClient. I experienced problems immediately. At first it appeared that the connection was being made, but no traffic was passing. When I tried pinging by IP address, I found that traffic was passing, but I couldn't do anything by hostname.

Categories: System Administration

Google PageRank Tool 0.5.0

I released a new version of my Google PageRank Tool for WordPress last week. Google recently changed the URL for PageRank information which necessitated a change in the plugin. The new plugin has been tested with WordPress 3.2.1.

Categories: Software

Cisco Catalyst NVRAM Corruption

Cisco Catalyst switches simulate NVRAM on their flash. Once in a blue moon, this simulated NVRAM will become corrupted. In order to clear up the corruption, I changed the size of the NVRAM and rebooted.

Categories: Networking

Mac OS X terminal and GNU screen scrollback

If you're a frequent user of GNU screen on your Mac, you are probably tired of using ctrl-a [ to enter scrollback mode. Adding the following lines to the .screenrc configuration file in your home directory in order to scroll with your mouse: defscrollback 5000 termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@

Categories: System Administration

Cisco IP Phone: Rewrite Dialed 10 Digits to 7

If your carrier doesn't allow 10 digit dialing for local numbers, you are probably pretty annoyed that you can't just hit the redial button on those missed calls. It's possible to rewrite these dialed numbers in your phone system, but I wanted to do this on my Cisco 7961 IP Phone instead.

Categories: Voice / Voice over IP