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Finder Crashing Every Minute

Thanks to an error report from one of my backup jobs, I noticed that /Users/slap/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports was filling up with Finder crash reports (files of the type *.crash). These files were being created once a minute. Additionally, icons on my Desktop were blinking once a minute.

Categories: System Administration

OS X CLI: Install VirtualBox

I decided the other night to begin doing some testing using my headless Mac Mini. I use VirtualBox for all my testing on my Mac OS X systems. Since the Mini is headless, I decided now was as a good a time as any to start using VirtualBox via the command line. Obviously, installing VirtualBox via the command line is not the same as running VirtualBox via the command line, but installing any package from the command line must be practiced to be remembered.

Categories: System Administration

Google Chrome Stuck Overseas

I recently spent six weeks in Sydney working for my new job. Naturally, while I was there, I let Google Chrome's omnibox redirect my searches to Google Australia. Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm back in the States, but Chrome is living in the past. After trying just about everything, here is what I […]

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Asterisk 1.2 Variable Length Limit

It seems the maximum length for variables (at least those in extensions.conf) in Asterisk 1.2 is 255 characters. Running into this problem has to be uncommon, but it can really bite you if aren't aware. Although I am only aware of this limitation in Asterisk 1.2, it might exist in other version as well.

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