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Python: Empty String?

I've mentioned before that empty strings in Python are false. This leads to a common if not string paradigm. Unfortunately, this can be problematic. Check out this snippet: That pretty much worked out just as we imagined. The empty string returned False and our code did what it was supposed to....

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Categories: Programming

{git, hg} Custom Log Output

The standard log output for both Git and Mercurial is a bit verbose for my liking. I keep my terminal at ~50 lines, which results in only getting about 8 to 10 log entries depending on how verbose the commit was. This isn't a big deal if you are just interested in the last few commits. Anything m...

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Categories: Software

Factory Reset Broken OnePlus One

This is a sad story. A few weeks ago, I set my OnePlus One down on a table outside so that it would not be in my pocket while I worked on the pool. I have done enough work on the pool to know that at any moment, I might go tumbling in! After successfully completing the pool work without taking th...

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Categories: Voice / Voice over IP

OS X: Disable IPv6 Address Privacy

For those that are really into privacy, the Privacy Extensions defined in RFC 4941 are a really good thing. This extension circumvents SLAAC and has the result of randomizing your IPv6 address. Like I said, if privacy is a big deal for you, this is definitely something you want enabled. Fortunate...

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Categories: Networking

What's Next? Using Chrome OS and Crouton For Work

It is well-documented that I am a heavy Google user. I use Gmail and Google Docs for just about everything. Additionally, I have used an Android phone since I got the HTC Dream (AKA T-Mobile G1) when it first came out. However, I have been using OS X full-time since 2003. My current Macbook is o...

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Categories: System Administration