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  1. Quick Codemods with sed

    Posted on in programming

    I had a few different changes last week (in two different repos) that required one-line changes in lots of files.

    Quick note here that I'm using GNU sed. If you're on a Mac, you can use GNU sed, too (via Homebrew, for example).

    Example 1: Change Status

    In this first …

  2. Disabling Wordpress

    Posted on in uncategorized

    Today is the day!

    I've been working for several months to complete the transition off of Wordpress. After making a flurry of updates today, I decided now was as good a time as ever to finally pull the trigger.

    This site started on Wordpress in 2007. Over the years, I've …

  3. [Python] Popular Search Terms

    Posted on in programming

    I thought it would be neat to keep an eye on the popular google search terms related to Python.

    The list below uses JavaScript from Google Trends. You can use the kebab menu icon to choose between "Top" and "Rising" search phrases.

  4. Here Comes Git

    Posted on in uncategorized

    Pinterest In January of 2016, I joined Facebook and had to make the switch from git to hg. To be honest, I wasn't really some sort of zen master of git, but it didn't take me long to completely forget everything I knew about it.

    Now that I've moved on to …

  5. Welcome... Again

    Posted on in uncategorized

    I've been out of pocket for a while and really have neglected this site. So, as goofy as these things sound, I'm making it a personal goal to contribute more regularly to in 2022.

    I somehow managed to lose my old copy of the markdown I used to …

  6. Pro Tip: Keep Asterisk Configuration Files in Version Control

    Posted on in voice

    Asterisk logo An Asterisk server has a very involved configuration system. One instance I manage has over 100 configuration files. As these configurations grow, it can be helpful to have a separate server running for testing and debugging problems. If you are planning a major change, it's often helpful to get it …

  7. TACACS Detected 'Invalid Argument'

    Posted on in Networking

    As always, I've changed pertinent details for reasons.

    I was working on an ASR the other day and received the follow error:

    RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ASR9K(config-tacacs-host)# commit
    Fri Jul 29 12:55:46.243 PDT
    % Failed to commit one or more configuration items during a pseudo-atomic
    operation. All …
  8. Two Column for Loop in bash

    Posted on in programming

    I had this interesting question the other day. Someone had a file with two columns of data in it. They wanted to assign each column to a different variable and then take action using those two variables. Here's the example I wrote for them:

    for LINE in $(cat …
  9. OpenSSH: Using a Bastion Host

    Posted on in System Administration

    Quick and dirty OpenSSH configlet here. If you have a set of hosts or devices that require you to first jump through a bastion host, the following will allow you to run a single ssh command:

    Host *
        ProxyCommand ssh -A <bastion_host> nc %h %p

    Change the Host * line to best …

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