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SlaptiUpdates: Now You Can Get Daily Slaptijack!

Now, through the magic of FeedBurner and email, you can get daily updates of the happenings here at Slaptijack. To get an update when new content is posted to the site, simply enter your email address in the form below, and enjoy the flow of SlaptiGoodness. Once you sign up, you should receive a confirmation […]

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John Chow - 24" Evil Genius

John Chow, Evil Genius, is once again up to his evil ways. This time, he's giving away an LG 24" wide-screen LCD monitor! As John knows, in order to make money, you have to spend money. This contest is sponsored by BlueFur, who not only hosts John Chow dot Com, but is also busy hosting […]

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Technorati Loves Slaptijack!

Just a quick note. Slaptijack recently broke into the Technorati Top 100,000. Obviously, this doesn't mean a whole lot (and may not last long), but it's sure neat to see that Rank number shrink from 7 digits to 5 over the last two months. With a little luck, and a strong army following of loyal […]

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Post #100! <Cue Confetti>

Welcome to post #100! Since this is a bit of a milestone, I thought I'd put up a super chart. The image below shows the grow of RSS subscribers over the last 100 posts. Although the growth is modest, I think its impressive considering this site has lived between Google PageRank updates. I'm hoping that […]

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Floatutorial: CSS Float != Root Beer Float

I've recently begun designing my own WordPress theme. The last time I really worked with any sort of web "design" (I'm using that word rather loosely here), layout was done via tables instead of divs. Stephen at Acadian Imaging told me that in order to get my theme to work the way I wanted with […]

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