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IS Trends for SMBs

Due to their size, small businesses are often behind the curve when it comes to trends in information systems. Fortunately, their small size also imparts on them the ability to respond quickly when an opportunity presents itself. In today's rapidly changing marketplace, SMBs must be prepared to deploy decision support systems, especially those with real-time […]

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Computer Crime

Along with its ability to enhance collaboration and proliferate information, the Internet has introduced a new level of computer crime. Computer crime consists of a wide array of issues including identity theft and privacy violations, misuse of intellectual property, theft and espionage, and general computer-based attacks. Of the threats facing information systems security, computer crimes […]

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the "ownership of ideas and control over the tangible or virtual representation of those ideas" (FOLDOC, 1997). Many companies have developed intellectual property as part of their normal business operations. This includes manufacturing processes, specialized business operations, and customized software. Intellectual property can be divided into four broad categories: trade secrets, copyrights, […]

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New Technologies: Issues and Challenges

Implementing a new technology is a complicated task. Beyond the technical implementation details, there is a myriad of organizational issues and challenges that must be addressed. Four areas of primary concern including selection of the new technology, implementing it, the human resources implications, and ongoing maintenance. Information systems managers must be aware of how these […]

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Getting Started in E-Commerce

When building an e-commerce presence for an existing bricks and mortar retail business, two issues come to mind as needing immediate attention. The first issue isn't related to the technology of the website, but instead focuses on how the company is run. A typical company makes decisions using the strategic management process. This process includes […]

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