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Strategic Management Process

A while back, I sent an email describing the strategic management process. Although the email was written for an internal audience, it's generic enough to be reproducible here... Strategic Management is a five step process: Corporate IdentityThis is the definition of the company and is broken down into three components: Vision (Why?) A vision is […]

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IT Staff Reduction Isn't Happening

ReadWriteWeb is highlighting the recent hubbub around the fact that IT staffs aren't shrinking despite the rapid adoption of cloud computing. It's always been assumed that outsourcing IT infrastructure would result in reductions in IT staffing. Although that is still generally assumed to be the future, recent studies have shown that the future is not here. In fact, IT hiring and salaries are still on the rise.

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3 Lessons for IT Managers

I recently read "3 signs of a dysfunctional company" on Microsoft Business for Small and Midsize Companies. Although the article is aimed at CEO types, I think the lessons within are just as useful for IT managers.

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The Influences Driving Virtualization

The Influences Driving Virtualization is a new white paper from the guys at ReadWriteWeb. I recently downloaded and read through it. If you're curious about virtualization, but aren't sure about giving up your contact info to ReadWriteWeb, here are some notes about what you'll find after you download.

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EqualLogic and Disaster Recovery

Last week I tweeted that I was in a meeting with Dell discussing EqualLogic's built-in disaster recovery while Amazon's high-profile EC2 and EBS outage was happening. At Core NAP, we have the ability to extend our customers business continuity plans by allowing them to replicate the data on their in-house EqualLogic array to our's.

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