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Two Random Asterisk-Related SQL Queries

I hate losing useful SQL queries, so I tend to save them. Ever so often, I stumble across a file of queries from some work I was doing months ago. The following two queries are just such a case. I was analyzing some call data for a call center that uses Asterisk. I set up a temporary database for this, so I can't even run them again. Still, it's nice to save them away for a rainy day.

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Linksys IP Phone Upgrade URL

Although Cisco now markets these phones and ATAs via their Small Business line, I still think of these devices as being Linksys. Although the software that Cisco provides for these devices comes with an upgrade executable, it is only for Windows operating systems. I have found that the easiest way to upgrade a phone without […]

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Unable to Connect to Remote Asterisk

It's not often that I have to restart a Asterisk VoIP PBX. I recently upgraded to the latest version of Asterisk 1.4. After the installation was complete, I restarted the service and everything appeared to be functioning OK. Processes were running and owned by the asterisk user. When I tried to connect to the running […]

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Voice over IP (VoIP) Protocol Review

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is by far the most popular protocol used in VoIP communication today. SIP was designed as a signaling protocol in charge of setting up and tearing down sessions between two or more devices. Additionally, SIP can be used to modify existing sessions. The protocol was designed to be independent of transport protocols. Thus, SIP can be used over both TCP and UDP. As of this writing, popular open source PBX Asterisk only supports SIP over UDP.

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Crashing Android Contacts App

For about a month, I've had a problem with my Contacts app crashing on my T-Mobile G1. Whenever this would happen, I would be forced to close the Contacts application. This was a pretty major pain in the butt since I tend to use the Contacts and Favorites tab to do most of my dialing. […]

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