When I first started building websites, I used cheap shared hosting providers just like everyone else. At the time, the only other option was to colocate a server somewhere, and that option was prohibitively expensive. As I built more sites and my existing sites grew, I found that shared hosting could not scale with my needs. I was at the point where I could more efficiently run my sites on my own server than multiple shared hosting accounts. Additionally, running sites on my own server meant I could do things the way I wanted. But, I would still have to buy a new server and pay to colocate it.

I was stuck.

That's when server virtualization changed everything. Now multiple virtual servers can run on one piece of server hardware. For someone building websites, this is the perfect solution. It addresses the scaling problem by dedicating resources like a server, but at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, hardware maintenance worries are pushed onto the provider.

Then things got interesting.

In 2009 I was approached by a really smart friend of mine about building our own virtual server hosting company. My friend had noticed that virtual private servers (VPS) had become a commodity item with little differentiation between different offerings. Unfortunately, big name hosting providers were still charging cutting edge rates. The desire to create a low-cost, high quality VPS solution resulted in the founding of Geek Run.

The main benefits of a Geek Run VPS are

  • Low Price
    With prices starting as low as $13.99, it isn't hard to find a package that can fit into any budget.
  • Customization
    Beyond the standard packages, Geek Run allows you to add RAM or disk space according to your needs.
  • Full Administrative Control
    Personally, I want to run my own server. With Geek Run, you get a Linux or Windows Vista Business server that you are in full control. You can install any software you want.
  • Los Angeles Data Center
    Geek Run servers are located in downtown Los Angeles and connected to national carriers such as AT&T, Level(3), and XO.

If you're tired of paying high-end prices for a commodity product, you need to sign up with Geek Run today.