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  1. ARIN Comments on IANA Functions

    Posted on in IT Management

    ARIN LogoThe National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) recently requested comments from concerned Internet entities regarding the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' (ICANN) performance of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Functions. ICANN currently holds a contract with the NTIA to that is set to expire in September of 2011 …

  2. Engineering Firm Moves Away From VMware

    Posted on in IT Management

    Engineering firm CH2M Hill recently began moving away from VMware ESX to Microsoft's Hyper-V. CH2M Hill has been using VMware technology since 2005, but recently began the push toward Hyper-V in an effort to increase savings through more virtualization. The engineering firm believes it will save over \$280,000 in …

  3. Is Microsoft Security Essentials for Business?

    Posted on in IT Management

    Considering the economy and the crunch that many IT departments are feeling, it is no surprise that many small to medium businesses are curious about using Microsoft's free security product as a replacement to the enterprise security solutions they have been using. Individual businesses will have to decide if Microsoft …

  4. IT in Corporate Strategy

    Posted on in IT Management

    The trend today is for increased information technology management in corporate strategies. This is a sign of the importance companies now place on the role of information technology in corporate success. Originally, information technology was seen as a way to save money. At first information technology was used to improve …

  5. Strategic Planning

    Posted on in IT Management

    Strategic planning is a subset of the strategic management process. Strategic management is a four-phase process. These phases are situation analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation. The process is cyclical, and once the evaluation phase is complete, it is time to reanalyze the situation. Strategic planning specifically relates …

  6. Planning

    Posted on in IT Management

    Short-term planning is any planning whose horizon is within the next two years. Planning within this category is tactical or operational in nature. It is focused on responding to the immediate needs of the organization long-term, strategic planning. Common tasks that fall within this category include project management, budgets, and …

  7. Three Diagnostic Models

    Posted on in IT Management

    As Stewart Clegg, Martin Kornberger, and Tyrone Pitsis (2008) so perfectly describe it, "like bad habits, organizations are difficult to change" (p. 374). The effort required to change the processes and behaviors of large groups of people can be an overwhelming task. This applies to the Tech Division of Company …

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