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  1. Market Strategy and Organizational Structure: Three Companies

    Posted on in IT Management

    It is no secret that organizational strategy is linked to market strategy. When a company first begins to move into the global marketplace, it must decide how it will interact with each market. The company could decide to utilize a multinational strategy. This strategy develops products and marketing specific to …

  2. International Marketing Mistakes

    Posted on in IT Management

    North American companies have a long history of marketing blunders in the international marketplace. The most famous example is GM's attempt to sell the Chevy Nova in Mexico despite the fact that "no va" is Spanish for "no go." That story is old news and has been retold to the …

  3. E-Commerce: Privacy and Security

    Posted on in IT Management

    Company X is a fictional manufacturer of gourmet snacks and treats.

    Studies have shown that a large number of Internet users are concerned about privacy and security. According to one study, 87 percent of Americans fear their credit card information will be stolen or misused. Additionally, 89 percent fear that …

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