Alternative to 'show policy-map interface' on Catalyst Switches

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Old Cisco Systems LogoIf you're using policy-maps on your Cisco Catalyst switches to handle rate-limiting, you may have noticed that on some models, the show policy-map interface command does not seem to work. The CLI accepts the command and returns properly formatted output, but the output is all zeroes. There is no information regarding how much traffic is being offered to each class.

Unfortunately, it seems that the show policy-map interface and show policy-map control-plane commands are not supported on some Catalyst switch models. Peter Revill found that the best way to see if your policy map is dropping rate-limited packets is with the show mls qos interface policers command.

If you're using policy-maps to assign DSCP values to different classes, the best way to see how many packets are being affected is with the show mls qos interface statistics command.

Try these out and let us know how it goes!

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