Cisco 7604 with Sup32 and SAMI card

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Cisco 7604 with Sup32 and SAMI card

This is a picture (larger) of a Cisco 7604 with Sup32 and SAMI card. The modules you see here are:

Part Number Description
CISCO7604 Cisco 7604 Router
SUP32-GE-3B Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series / Cisco 7600 Series Supervisor Engine 32 with 8 ports Gigabit Ethernet, PFC3B, and MSFC2A
WS-SVC-SAMI-BB-K9 Cisco Service and Application Module for IP

Cisco SAMI (WS-SVC-SAMI-BB-K9) Revealed

Here you see what the SAMI card (larger) looks like outside of the chassis. What you're looking at is the two daughter cards that hold the 6 PowerPC processors and 6 GB of RAM (1 GB per PPC). Underneath the daughter cards is the main motherboard. This card has no external interfaces. This came preloaded with the WiMAX ASN gateway software. Check out the SAMI boot output.

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