Have You Heard About Clubbox?

Posted on in Networking

Flag of South KoreaI've noticed a mysterious new protocol popping up in my protocol lists lately: 19101/TCP. Apparently, this TCP port is used by the Clubbox service. I 'm not fluent in Korean, so I can't really tell you what the site says, but I can tell you what it does!

Clubbox offers 100GB of online storage for it's users. According to some sources, you must have a Korean ID to sign up for an account, but download accounts are available to all.

In the end, this is a new method for file sharing that doesn't rely on <acronym title="Peer-To-Peer">P2P</acronym> protocols. It uses a browser-based client to initiate the connection to the server, and then downloads over 19101/TCP. The client displays ads, which I presume is how Clubbox makes it's money. So far, that's all I know about it.

If you have more information, drop us a note in the comments. Thanks!

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