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  1. Choosing Between RADIUS And TACACS+

    Posted on in Networking

    Deciding whether to use <acronym title="Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service">RADIUS</acronym> or <acronym title="Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus">TACACS+</acronym> for <acronym title="Authentication, Authorization, Accounting">AAA</acronym> functionality on a Cisco-based network seems straight-forward. After all, if the network uses Cisco, shouldn't the AAA …

  2. UDLD In Radio-Based Metro Ethernet Rings

    Posted on in Networking

    <acronym title="UniDirectional Link Detection">UDLD</acronym> is a Cisco protocol designed to detect and disable unidirectional links in Ethernet (fiber or twisted-pair). In the case of a radio-based Metro Ethernet ring, UDLD goes the extra mile in preventing Spanning-Tree loops and user service interruption.

    4 Switches and Spanning-TreeIn this simple network of …

  3. Implement a Sensible Naming Policy in Cisco IOS

    Posted on in Networking

    It used to be that access lists in Cisco IOS were numbered. Not only were they numbered, but the numbers were significant to what kind of access list they were. Now access lists (and just about everything else) can be named rather than numbered. Although this seemingly innocuous change has …

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