Interesting OIDs for Cisco NBAR

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Coffee and a Crossword PuzzleI recently wrote a Perl script for MRTG that collects the bytes that Cisco NBAR Protocol Discovery has counted and graphs them against the total traffic seen by the interface. (Note: Leave a comment if you want me to publish the script on this site.)

I thought I'd go ahead and point out the OIDs I use in the script here. You can download the Cisco NBAR Protocol Discovery MIB via the Cisco SNMP Object Navigator.

  • cnpdSupportedProtocolsName - .
    This is a list of protocols that NBAR can recognize. Since the index of a particular protocol might change, it's important to get the index from this table and reference it in the following OIDs.
  • cnpdAllStatsHCInBytes - .
    This is a table of input bytes sorted by interface and protocol. In order to find a particular protocol on a particular interface, you'll need to append the interface index followed by the protocol index (from cnpdSupportedProtocolsName above).
  • cnpdAllStatsHCOutBytes - .
    This is a table of output bytes sorted by interface and protocol. You'll use it in exactly the same manner as cnpdAllStatsHCInBytes (by appending interface and procotol index).

I should note that the byte counters listed above are the "high capacity" 64-bit byte counters. Although you should use the high capacity counters whenever possible, it's a requirement to use these counters whenever using an interface faster than Fast Ethernet. I'm assuming 5 minute poll intervals.

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