Beyond the Basics - Object-Oriented Odyssey, Testing Tales, and Debugging Dilemmas

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Welcome back, Python warriors! You've tamed the basic beasts of syntax and data structures, and now it's time to delve deeper into the jungle. This article equips you with intermediate-level skills for your coding interview: object-oriented programming (OOP), testing, and debugging.

Object-Oriented Odyssey:

Embrace the power of OOP, the jungle's secret language for building powerful and reusable code. We'll journey through the realm of classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism, learning how to create blueprints for real-world entities like animals, plants, or even mythical creatures! You'll understand how objects interact, inherit traits from ancestors, and adapt their behavior to conquer complex tasks.

Testing Tales:

Every adventurer needs a trusty shield, and in the coding world, that shield comes in the form of unit tests. We'll learn the magic of frameworks like unittest or pytest, crafting tests that safeguard your code like enchanted armor. You'll discover how to test individual functions, ensuring your jungle tools (functions) work reliably before venturing into the unknown.

Debugging Dilemmas:

Even the bravest explorers face bugs (coding errors). Don't fear the creepy crawlies! We'll equip you with powerful debugging techniques to track down and banish them from your code. From the simple yet effective print statements to interactive debuggers, you'll learn to step through your code, analyze variable values, and identify the source of those pesky bugs.


  • Practice makes perfect! Write code with object-oriented principles, craft targeted tests, and inject bugs to hone your debugging skills.
  • Be organized and clear. Structure your code into classes and functions, write descriptive test names, and explain your debugging process to your interviewer.
  • Stay calm and persistent. Debugging is a puzzle-solving adventure, so approach it with a logical mind and don't give up!

This article equips you with the tools to navigate the intermediate territory of your coding interview. In the next articles, we'll explore performance optimization, conquer powerful libraries and frameworks, and refine your problem-solving prowess. Get ready to polish your coding weapons and prepare for more thrilling adventures!

Remember, the Python jungle awaits, and with these intermediate skills in your arsenal, you'll be coding your way to interview success, one challenge at a time!

Part 3 of the Mastering the Python Coding Interview series

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