Pelican: Insert Article Summaries into WordPress

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This is was my next project.

Update: For now I've solved this problem by using FeedWordPress to pull the Atom feed for the Pelican-specific portion of the website.

  • Use this as a starting point for the XML-RPC bit.
  • It should first try to pull the article before committing a new one. Otherwise we're going to fill up with the same articles over and over!
  • The content should include
  • article.summary
  • window.location script to handle the redirect (I think that can be in the body)
  • Originally considered doing this via a function in fabfile, but really this would work better as a Pelican plugin.

Completely unrelated, but it appears that Markdown (not Github Markdown) needs 4 spaces or a tab in order to create a sublist in a list item. I haven't actually seen anything to that affect in any documentation.

Also Markdown related: Markdown doesn't support strikethrough. I achieved the affect above with the <del> tag.

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