BlogRush Phase 2 - Just In Time

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BlogRush LogoI spent a fair amount of time earlier this week contemplating the fate of the BlogRush widget on Slaptijack. The fact of the matter is that after running the widget for two weeks, I haven't received a single visitor from it. Not only that, I haven't even seen any of my posts showing up in the BlogRush widgets on other sites.

Along with this frustration at the network's lack of performance, the promised changes to the member dashboard were long overdue. Not only could I not see any benefit from the widget in terms of new visitors, but I had no idea if Slaptijack was even showing up on other sites. With near-zero reporting from the BlogRush site, things were quickly coming to a head.

Early yesterday morning, the members of the BlogRush network received an email from John Reese announcing the rollout of BlogRush Phase 2. Along with the email came a (somewhat angry) video explaining all the new features of the new and improved Dashboard.

I can now confirm that none of my last 12 posts have received any visitors via the BlogRush widget, they have been syndicated hundreds of times. Tomorrow (Fri, Nov 2) BlogRush is planning to introduce new categories. My hope is that the new categories will be a little more specific and help get my posts in front of more folks with interests similar to mine. If that's the case, I'll let the widget run a bit longer in hopes of better results.

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