Can I use Microsoft Excel for that...?

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This is about my fictional Aunt Sally who wonders if she can use Microsoft Excel to organize and track her large collection of stuff animals.

Microsoft Excel would be a great way for Sally to track her stuffed animal collection. With over 800 stuffed animals, finding information about a particular item is probably a time consuming endeavor. The search features built into Excel will help make searching easier. Additionally, Excel will help her organize her collection whether by name, date purchased, or value. Using the graphing functions built into Excel will allow her to visualize her purchasing habits and the value of her collection. She should store her collection data in three columns labeled: Date Purchased, Value, and Name. The Date Purchased and Value columns should have a format applied to ensure that all data is presented in a standardized fashion. Applying the AutoFilter ability to the column headings will allow Sally to quickly apply filters and sort her data.

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