Firefox 3.0.6 Is Ready

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Fireforx logoFirefox 3.0.6 has been released by Mozilla. As with all minor releases in Firefox 3, this release mainly focuses on security and stability fixes. Specific stability issues addressed include fixing display issues with long running Firefox processes and improving the interaction of scripted commands and plugins. For the privacy minded, the client user ID has been removed from crash reports. Finally, I've included a list of security fixes below.

  MFSA ID        Impact     Description
  -------------- ---------- ---------------------------------------------------------
  MFSA 2009-01   Critical   Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
  MFSA 2009-02   High       XSS using a chrome XBL method and window.eval
  MFSA 2009-03   High       Local file stealing with SessionStore
  MFSA 2009-04   Moderate   Chrome privilege escalation via local .desktop files
  MFSA 2009-05   Low        XMLHttpRequest allows reading HTTPOnly cookies
  MFSA 2009-06   Low        Directives to not cache pages ignored

  : **Security Fixes in Firefox 3.0.6**

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