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  1. Convert MOD Movies with VLC on Your Mac

    Posted on in Software

    My wife uses a Canon FS100 for taking home videos of the kids. If you aren't familiar with it, it's a fairly light-weight camcorder that uses SDHC cards rather than tapes. The only real grievance I have with it is that the video codec it uses is not compatible with …

  2. MySQL: Disable DNS Lookups

    Posted on in Software

    Powered By MySQLIn a small environment, there's very little reason to rely on DNS resolution inside MySQL. You can disable it by adding skip-name-resolve to your my.cnf or by using the --skip-name-resolve command line argument.

    Remember that if you disable DNS lookups, you will need to set permissions using IP addresses …

  3. WordPress: Tired of Dashes and Quotes Being Rewritten?

    Posted on in Software

    Using WordPress to write a technical blog can be occasionally frustrating. WordPress uses the wptexturize() function to rewrite certain ASCII character combinations into HTML entities. Although this may generally be a "good thing," it's really annoying on technical blogs where two dashes is not an em dash.

    To disable this …

  4. Firefox Craves Updated Favicon

    Posted on in Software

    Apache HTTP Server Logo

    I was digging through my Apache httpd access logs the other day and noticed that a particular Firefox user was hitting my favicon over and over. In fact, it seemed to be making the request every 10 seconds or so. At this point, I'm sort of assuming that someone's Firefox …

  5. WordPress Stops Redirecting, Reset Permalinks

    Posted on in Software

    WordPress Horizontal LogoThis is the first time I've run into this problem.

    In the process of disabling some slightly used plugins, got into a situation where every permalink simply pulled up the home page rather than individual posts. I checked everything (mod_rewrite in my Apache configuration file, changes to .htaccess …

  6. VirtualBox 4.0.4 Has Arrived

    Posted on in Software

    VirtualBox 4.0.4Oracle announced the release of VirtualBox 4.0.4 today. This maintenance release addresses many bugs experienced by hosts of all operating systems. You can find a full list of fixes and additions in the Changelog.

    I use VirtualBox on both my Macs for my various testing needs. If you've …

  7. Gmail: Forward All Mail to Another Address

    Posted on in Software

    One of Gmail's greatest features is its spam filtering. But, if you have a situation where you want to forward mail from multiple Gmail accounts to a single location, that fantastic filtering becomes a little cumbersome. In this situation, having junk mail sitting around in multiple Gmail accounts is actually …

  8. RHEL 6 Finally Arrives

    Posted on in Software

    Red Hat Linux (RHEL) LogoRed Hat finally announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 yesterday. RHEL 5 was released in early 2007, making the wait for RHEL 6 the longest since Red Hat rebranded their Linux-based operating system with the RHEL moniker in 2003.

    RHEL 6 boasts tons of new features …

  9. VirtualBox 3.2.10 Released

    Posted on in Software

    VirtualBox 3.2.10Oracle's VirtualBox 3.2.10 was released today. This another maintenance release for 3.2 that includes a wide variety of bug fixes. Check out the Changelog for more details.

    I use VirtualBox on both my Macs for my various testing needs. If you've got a favorite desktop virtualization program …

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