Must-Have Bookmark: XHTML Character Entity Reference

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XHTML Character Entity Reference

Digital Media Minute's Jim Rutherford has developed an invaluable reference in his XHTML Character Entity Reference. With this reference in hand, I can finally ditch all my little notes about copyrights, trademarks, and cedillas. Here's an explanation of how the page works in Jim's own words.

Each entity is contained within a small box that contains four lines. The first line shows how the entity will be displayed on your webpage. The second line contains the entity reference, in the form &entity_name; (i.e. an ampersand, the entity name, and then a semi colon). This is the code that you should place in your webpage. If you move your mouse over a character entity, a third and fourth line will appear. The third line contains the numerical reference for the same character. Finally the fourth line contains the unicode representation of the entity. To view the textual description for an entity (i.e. it's real name), simply rest your mouse over the box to reveal a tooltip that displays the name, or click on the link below labeled Show Entity Descriptions

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