RT 3.6.6 Now Available

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RT Essentials CoverBest Practical Solutions has announced the release of version 3.6.6 of their popular ticket tracking system, RT: Request Tracker. This release appears to be a bug fix and enhancement release. I've included a list of changes below.

If you have a question about administering, using, or coding for RT, let me know. I've used RT extensively for the last 5 years, and I might be able to help. At the very least, I can point you in the right direction!



  • missing </td> found by Steve Turner
  • Sort Templates, Actions and Conditions by Name, as suggested by Steve Turner
  • ACL queries have been split apart into more small queries, which leads to more effective caching _and_ has better performance characteristics on MySQL 5.x


  • Updated french translation from Emmanuel Lacour
  • Massive internationalization fixes
  • Full translation of zh_tw and zh_cn from Audrey Tang


  • Add more tests on sorting by CF


  • new callbacks in Simple Search
  • Allow the caller of Googleish searches to choose what queues go into the query
  • Add an optional Clear button to SelectionBox
  • Add a NoArrows option to selectionbox, for when order doesn't matter

Web Interface

  • A change to session handling that should improve stability with File, Oracle and SQLite session stores.
  • CSS and javascript files should be better cached on the client
  • CSS files are now concatenated and squished to cut down on the number of initial HTTP requests.

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