Safari 4 Annoyances

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As I mentioned previously, I tried Safari 4 during the beta and decided I didn't like it. When asked what I didn't like, I had a hard time remembering. In the end, I decided it wasn't something big, but several small things that really killed it for me. I've created this list to keep track of these annoyances.

  1. Dialog boxes render all other browser windows inoperable.
  2. Items in the URL bar history can only be found by typing the beginning of the URL, not some other part. This means the only way to quickly get to a page is by clicking on a bookmark.
  3. The "Copy Link Location" option that appears in the context sensitive menu produced by right-clicking on URLs doesn't always appear. So far I've only noticed in when using Gmail...
  4. No feature to undo a closed tab?
  5. Autocompletion in the URL bar actually autocompletes in the bar rather than just giving me options to choose from. It seems that I invariably want some shorter version of the URL rather than the one it is recommending.
  6. RSS feeds. I'm probably just doing this wrong, but I want to use Google Reader for RSS. I like that Firefox gives me the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds in multiple readers. Safari wants to be my RSS reader or let me choose an application to do it. I guess I could set up a Fluid app or something, but that seems a little over the top...

I'll try to keep the list up to date as I use the product.

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