Restart Brother ControlCenter

Posted on in System Administration

On your Mac, the Brother ControlCenter software that let's you scan an image from your Brother MFC to your computer is started at boot by launchd. Therefore, it can be restarted from the command line.

For example, here is a list of processes controlled by launchd:

$ launchctl list | grep brother
286 -   [0x0-0x17017]
282 -   [0x0-0x16016]
281 -   [0x0-0x15015]
266 -

I found that stopping LOGINserver caused all the other services to restart:

$ launchctl stop
$ launchctl list | grep brother
36825   -   [0x0-0x258a588]
36824   -   [0x0-0x2589587]
36823   -   [0x0-0x2588586]
36818   -

Good luck!

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