What's My Worth?

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Although this site isn't about job searches, the fact of the matter is that most network and system administrators have an interest in getting paid for their efforts. (Personally, I didn't get into Cisco networking for the glamorous parties with Paris Hilton, but maybe you did?)

Indeed.com LogoJ.D. at Get Rich Slowly recently covered three ways to verify your worth. The one that really jumped out as the most fun was the salary search at Indeed.com.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a salary in mind when you go into a job interview. Obviously, it doesn't guarantee anything, but knowing a ballpark value might help answer the nightmare question: "What salary are you looking for?" (Interview hint: "As much as possible" is apparently not the answer they are looking for.)

And to answer the really important question... How much should a Network Architect be paid in Texas?

Network Architect Salaris in Texas - 20070706

So, how much should you be paid?

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