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  1. Asterisk WaitExten() Music on Hold Option Only Uses Default Class

    Posted on in voice

    vintage 1 (photo by coscurro) [id: 780414]This might be a bug with the particular version of Asterisk 1.2 I'm using, but it's pretty darn annoying. Hopefully, it doesn't effect you if you are using the latest version of 1.2 or 1.4.

    What I'm trying to do is play some background music while I …

  2. Asterisk Channel Variables and the Asterisk::AGI Perl Module

    Posted on in voice

    When calling an AGI from inside your dialplan, you can pass variables to your AGI via the AGI() application call. The AGI() application takes parameters in the following format (note the ';' is only necessary in AEL:


    The additional arguments are useful when passing in non-channel …

  3. Debugging AGIs In Asterisk

    Posted on in voice

    Asterisk LogoTrying to debug an <acronym title="Asterisk Gateway Interface">AGI</acronym> in Asterisk can be a frustrating experience. The main problem is that STDERR only outputs to the terminal Asterisk was started from. In most cases, this means the terminal is the server console. If your Asterisk server is sitting …

  4. VoIP Hairpinning Issues

    Posted on in voice

    When using Asterisk and a remote bank of <acronym title="Primary Rate Interface">PRI</acronym>s (or any other form of <acronym title="Public Switched Telephone Network">PSTN</acronym> connectivity for that matter), you may encounter an issue known as hairpinning. Hairpinning describes what happens when a call coming from …

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