Geeky Goals for 2016

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The new year is finally upon us. Traditionally, I have not been one to make New Year's Resolutions. This year, I decided that rather than a list of resolutions, I would create a list of goals. These are things I would like to achieve over the next year. In other words... resolutions.

  • Contribute to at an open source project. This has been on my list of things to do for a while, but I really haven't found a project that struck my fancy. This year, I am going to find a project, learn how open source contributions work, and then do it. My new role is supposed to involve a lot more coding, so perhaps that will help me find a project or two to get involved in.
  • Make the move to Python 3. The time has come to start using Python 3. I'm still using Python 2.7 for my latest projects. This really feels like nothing but laziness. Here again, my new role may really help this along.
  • Learn to use virtualenv properly. Right now, I use virtualenvs all the time, but I do everything through a (now deprecated) wrapper called pythonbrew. Instead of learning yet another wrapper, this year I want to learn how to manage virtualenvs directly.
  • Develop better development habits. I use Mercurial for my personal projects. As such, I've historically been pretty lazy about how I develop. Now that I am using Mercurial for work, I would like to develop new habits. A great example of this is using to learn bookmarks.

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