New Feautures in Python 3.11

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Here are some of the new features in Python 3.11:

  • Fine-grained error locations in tracebacks. Python 3.11 now provides more information about the location of errors in tracebacks. This can help you to quickly identify the source of an error and fix it.
  • Exception Groups and except*. Python 3.11 introduces Exception Groups and the except syntax. Exception Groups allow you to handle multiple exceptions with a single except clause. The except syntax allows you to handle all exceptions with a single except clause.
  • New Features Related to Type Hints. Python 3.11 introduces a number of new features related to type hints. These features include:
    • Variadic generics.
    • Marking individual TypedDict items as required or not-required.
    • The Self type.
    • Arbitrary literal string type.
    • Data class transforms.
  • Other Language Changes. Python 3.11 also includes a number of other language changes, such as:
    • Support for TOML configuration parsing.
    • Faster CPython.
    • Faster Startup.
    • Frozen imports / Static code objects.
    • CPython bytecode changes.
    • New opcodes.
  • Deprecated. Python 3.11 deprecates a number of features, such as:
    • The future statement.
    • The print statement.
    • The exec statement.
    • The with statement with a bare string.
    • The yield from expression with a bare string.
    • The yield expression with a bare string.

I hope this helps!

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