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  1. New Feautures in Python 3.11

    Posted on in programming

    Here are some of the new features in Python 3.11:

    • Fine-grained error locations in tracebacks. Python 3.11 now provides more information about the location of errors in tracebacks. This can help you to quickly identify the source of an error and fix it.
    • Exception Groups and except*. Python …
  2. Type Checking in Python

    Posted on in programming

    What is type checking?

    Type checking is a process of verifying that the types of variables, expressions, and statements in a program are consistent with the expected types. Type checking can be performed statically, at compile time, or dynamically, at runtime.

    Benefits of type checking in Python

    There are many …

  3. [Git] remote.origin.prune vs fetch.prune

    Posted on in programming

    What is the difference between git config remote.origin.prune true and git config fetch.prune true?

    When you fetch from a remote repository, Git creates a remote-tracking branch for each branch in the remote repository. These remote-tracking branches are used to keep track of the state of the remote …

  4. Hermeticity - So Hot Right Now

    Posted on in programming

    Hermeticity in software builds refers to the practice of creating software packages that are self-contained, with all necessary dependencies and resources included within the package. In other words, a hermetic build can be installed and run on any system, without requiring additional configuration or installations. This practice is becoming increasingly …

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