Articles tagged with encryption

  1. Concepts in Cryptography

    Posted on in Information Systems

    Initially, information security was tightly bound to physical security. The introduction of networked systems created a need for a new kind of security system. Not only must information be protected from improper physical access, it must also be protected from outside attackers using the very tools that make distributed computing …

  2. Email and Encryption

    Posted on in Information Systems

    Email communication has become so common, users often forget that there is no inherent security in the common implementation. For general correspondence it might be acceptable to forsake security in the interest of ease of use. After all, the sharing of recipes between old friends is not always a matter …

  3. Tired of ISP Traffic Shaping? Beat It!

    Posted on in Networking

    onion class 3 (photo by hedonist)I've written a lot of posts about various methods for blocking <acronym title="Peer-to-Peer">P2P</acronym> traffic, especially with Cisco's Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR). Although these posts are probably of interest to smallish Internet Service Providers and administrators of business networks, they don't have much use for the average …

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