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  1. Two Random Asterisk-Related SQL Queries

    Posted on in voice

    I hate losing useful SQL queries, so I tend to save them. Ever so often, I stumble across a file of queries from some work I was doing months ago. The following two queries are just such a case. I was analyzing some call data for a call center that …

  2. Enabling Vertical (\G) Output in the MySQL Client

    Posted on in Software

    g (photo by donsimon)One problem with the MySQL command line client is that queries with lots of columns tend to wrap crazily based on your terminal size. To overcome this, you can get a vertical output by terminating your queries with \G instead of ;. I find this format extremely helpful in cases where …

  3. MySQL Gotcha: Remote Root Access

    Posted on in software

    By default, MySQL only allows access by the 'root' account from the host running the database server ('localhost'). Often times that's perfectly adequate. There are occasions when you need remote access as the 'root' account, however. In these cases, it's helpful to be aware of one little gotcha when creating …

  4. The Unjoy of Hanging MySQL Locks

    Posted on in Software

    Currently, I use mysqldump to backup several large MySQL databases amounting to millions of rows of data. During the dump process, tables get locked for reading. 99% of the time, this system works just fine.

    Ever so often (perhaps every 50-100 dumps), a read lock will hang on a table …

  5. Hey Slap: How Do I Define My Own MySQL Prompt?

    Posted on in Software

    Someone looked over my shoulder the other day and was blown away by my MySQL client prompt.

    (slap@localhost) [slaptijack]>

    The boring default client just acknowledges that you are using MySQL and nothing more. This prompt indicates your username, the server you are working on, and the database you are …

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