Tooting My Own Horn: Google PR 4

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Let me start off by apologizing for what I'm about to do. The following is nothing more than ego stroking.

A little over a week ago, Google began updating the PageRank indicator visible via the Google Toolbar. For those that aren't aware, Google PageRank is the visible "value" of a web site indicated on a 10 point scale. In reality, this number doesn't mean much. Real PageRank is actually continually updated. That being said, many advertisers, SEO folks, etc use this number as a scale to weigh the importance of a website.

Slaptijack was started shortly before the last Google PageRank update in April 2007. Until now, this site has shown up as PR0. Ew.

Anyway, Slaptijack is PageRank 4 and I say, "Let the good times roll!"

Slaptijack's Koding Kraken