T.37 Store and Forward Fax and Cisco AS5300: Questions

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Fax (photo by zd) id: 722728Note: This is part of a discussion regarding the configuration of a Cisco AS5300 for T.37 Store and Forward Faxing.

I haven't touched this series in a while, but I thought it might make sense to add a post that addresses common questions. If you have questions that aren't answered here, send me an email.

  • Can I change the TIFF filename that is attached to the email?
    Definitely! The command syntax for that ismta send filename [string] [date]The string argument of this command tells IOS what the filename should be. If no extension is added, the system will automatically add .tif. The date argument will automatically integrate the date to the filename in the format "_YYYYMMDD" (or "_%Y%m%d" for you strftime junkies).
  • Can I change the date string mentioned above?
    I haven't yet found a way to change the date string. If you hear of something, leave a comment below.
  • The from address using $s$ begins with FAX=. Can I remove the FAX=?
    Not that I know of. You could set a fixed from address using mta send mail-from usernamestring. If there is some way to remove the FAX= portion of $s$, I'd like to know.
    Update: I still haven't found a fix for this, but I've worked around it using Sendmail.

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