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Restart Brother ControlCenter

On your Mac, the Brother ControlCenter software that let's you scan an image from your Brother MFC to your computer is started at boot by launchd. Therefore, it can be restarted from the command line. For example, here is a list of processes controlled by launchd: $ launchctl list | grep brother 286 - [0x0-0x17017] […]

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Tech Messages | 2012-10-25

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2012-10-05 through 2012-10-25: Puppet Core Types Cheatsheet Dealing with Git: Your branch is behind ‘origin/master’ by xx commits | A Blog about Skateboarding, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Reference Is Not a Tree Schneier on Security: When Will We See Collisions for SHA-1? Building Large IPv6 Service Provider Networks

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Stuck at "copying to tmp table"

I have a fairly lightly loaded MySQL server with a few tables that are updated every five minutes. Other than these updates, there are very few queries run against the database. The data is queried just a few times per month. Ever so often, one of the more complicated queries will result in the process getting hung in the "copying to tmp table" state. To be honest, the queries that get hung aren't even that complicated. Usually there's one or two joins, a GROUP BY, and an ORDER BY.

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Tech Messages | 2012-08-24

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2012-05-28 through 2012-08-24: Composing Mercurial commit messages in TextMate Test-Driven Djano TutorialDjango is gathering steam. This tutorial introduces you to functional tests and related concepts. LFS - Lightning Fast ShopThis is an open-source shopping cart built on Python, Django, and jQuery. Has anyone tried it?

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Cisco: Telnet/SSH work, HTTP Gives Permission Denied

Here are a few tips that might be helpful if you are having trouble accessing your Cisco router or switch via the web server. Make sure you have the right password! This is pretty obvious, but it's definitely the first thing worth checking. If you're using aaa new-model, you will need to tell the web […]

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