1. Top 5 OS X Command Line Utilities For Administrators

    Posted on in System Administration

    The true beauty of Mac OS X is Darwin, the BSD-based UNIX that runs under the hood of every Mac OS X computer. Having UNIX handy is what attracted me to OS X, and I know plenty of other administrator-types that have followed suit. Every UNIX variant has commands that …

  2. Solaris TCP Performance Tuning

    Posted on in System Administration

    As we have throughout the TCP Performance Tuning series, we're going to make sure RFC 1323 Window Scaling is enabled and increase our send and receive window size to 1 MB. The ndd command is the Solaris equivalent of sysctl in FreeBSD/Linux/Mac OS X. As always, the '$' represents …

  3. FreeBSD TCP Performance Tuning

    Posted on in System Administration

    To enable RFC 1323 Window Scaling and increase the TCP window size to 1 MB on FreeBSD, add the following lines to /etc/sysctl.conf and reboot.


    You can make these …

  4. What is TCP Window Scaling?

    Posted on in System Administration

    The original TCP specification included a window size no larger than 64 KB. This limitation was introduced by the 16 bit header that specified window size. To achieve the recommended 1 MB window size, RFC 1323 TCP extensions must be enabled. The rest of this post is a somewhat detailed …

  5. Debugging AGIs In Asterisk

    Posted on in voice

    Asterisk LogoTrying to debug an <acronym title="Asterisk Gateway Interface">AGI</acronym> in Asterisk can be a frustrating experience. The main problem is that STDERR only outputs to the terminal Asterisk was started from. In most cases, this means the terminal is the server console. If your Asterisk server is sitting …

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