1. Cisco Announces Flash Defects

    Posted on in Networking

    Cisco Systems, Inc.Cisco released several field notices today regarding manufacturing defects which reduce the reliability of certain Compact Flash and ATA Flash disks.The flash disks, manufactured between May 2005 and October 2006, may fail, preventing systems that rely on IOS images stored on them from rebooting.

    A ROMMON upgrade resolves the …

  2. Redirecting User Email To Google With Postfix

    Posted on in System Administration

    Note: Now that Google is hosting email domains for free, it has become an interesting alternative for both new and old domains. As always, I've changed the names to protect those affected.

    Transitioning a domain to Google can be an arduous task. Once you have set up the domain with …

  3. Choosing Between RADIUS And TACACS+

    Posted on in Networking

    Deciding whether to use <acronym title="Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service">RADIUS</acronym> or <acronym title="Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus">TACACS+</acronym> for <acronym title="Authentication, Authorization, Accounting">AAA</acronym> functionality on a Cisco-based network seems straight-forward. After all, if the network uses Cisco, shouldn't the AAA …

  4. Courier Announces Updates

    Posted on in System Administration

    Sam Varshavchik with the Courier Mail Server project announced updates for all their major software packages including courier-imap, courier-authlib, and maildrop, in addition to the Courier MTA. The major fix common to most packages appears to be the plugging of a memory leak which only came into play once a …

  5. Postfix 2.3 and clamav-milter

    Posted on in System Administration

    Postfix LogoYou've probably been using Postfix and ClamAV for a long time. Prior to Postfix 2.3, you had to have an AMaViS daemon running to act as the glue between Postfix and ClamAV.

    As of version 2.3, Postfix now supports Sendmail 8 Milter protocol. Now you can cut AMaViS …

  6. Enabling Firefox's Session Restore

    Posted on in Software

    One of the features of Firefox 2 is Session Restore. By default, if Firefox needs to restart for an update (or crashes), it will restore your session to the state it was in at the time of restart. That means your tabs and windows will be just like you left …

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