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  1. Gmail: Forward All Mail to Another Address

    Posted on in Software

    One of Gmail's greatest features is its spam filtering. But, if you have a situation where you want to forward mail from multiple Gmail accounts to a single location, that fantastic filtering becomes a little cumbersome. In this situation, having junk mail sitting around in multiple Gmail accounts is actually …

  2. Gmail Changes Things Up

    Posted on in Software

    Gmail's New Look Notification

    The guys at Google have rolled out a few interface changes for Gmail users. So far, these changes have not been rolled out to Google Apps users.

    New Look

    The Gmail interface has been slimmed down to remove clutter and make it easier to find what you need. The result …

  3. Gmail Search Power

    Posted on in Software

    Gmail logoSomehow, I have let my Gmail inbox get totally out of control. I don't know if it was the holidays or what, but as of this morning, I had over 800 unread messages in my Gmail inbox. I decided a little while ago that it was time to focus on …

  4. Firefox 3 RC1, Mission Accomplished

    Posted on in Software

    Firefox 3 RobotA few days ago, Mozilla released Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 and I've been furiously testing it ever since. Let me take a moment to note that Mozilla is simply calling this "Firefox 3 Release Candidate". I've decided to number this release candidate since my experience in this area suggests …

  5. Gmail + Firefox 3 (Beta) - Is It Fixed?

    Posted on in Software

    Gmail LogoI've been having problems with Google Chat (in Gmail) this afternoon. I decided that logging out of Gmail and restarting Firefox might be a helpful exercise. When I returned to Gmail, I noticed that something was wrong: everything was right.

    For some odd reason, I seem to have been zapped …

  6. Another Update - Firefox 3 Beta 5

    Posted on in Software

    Firefox 3 RobotThe good folks at Mozilla keep plugging away at Firefox 3. Now Firefox 3 Beta 5 is ready for download.

    The two big ticket items for Firefox 3 Beta 5 are improved OS integration (Windows, OS X, and Linux) and increased Javascript performance. If you are one of those people …

  7. Firefox 3 Beta 4 Making Progress

    Posted on in Software

    About Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox 3 Beta 4 was released today. The release notes claim that more than 900 enhancements over the previous version have been included in this release. So far, I haven't noticed a real difference in my normal use. I guess that's a good thing, really. To me, that means …

  8. Looks Like I'm Back On AIM

    Posted on in Software LogoMany months ago I made a conscience decision to use only Google Talk for instant messaging. By doing this, I really shut the door on several friends and family members that were tied to Yahoo! and AIM. It wasn't an easy decision, but I was really tired of having to …

  9. Gmail And IMAP, Perfect

    Posted on in Software

    Gmail IMAP SettingsI'm way behind in my feed reader (Google Reader, if you care to know) and it shows. This morning I was poking around in my Gmail settings and noticed a slight change in the tabs across the top. Where we used to have "Forwarding and POP", we now have "Forwarding …

  10. Gmail Annoyances

    Posted on in Software

    Gmail LogoIn a recent article on Read/WriteWeb about Online Office Apps, Josh Catone mentioned off-hand that he didn't like the Gmail user interface. Since I've been using the Gmail interface exclusively for quite a while, I decided it might be time to talk about the problems I have with the …

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