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  1. Sendmail Mail-to-Program Failures: Check smrsh

    Posted on in System Administration

    SendmailOne of the beauties of using a Linux-based Mail Transport Agent (MTA) like Sendmail is the ability to pipe mail into programs. You can use this in conjunction with a filtering application like procmail, with a custom application that collects data about the email, or anything else you can imagine …

  2. Postfix 2.3 and clamav-milter

    Posted on in System Administration

    Postfix LogoYou've probably been using Postfix and ClamAV for a long time. Prior to Postfix 2.3, you had to have an AMaViS daemon running to act as the glue between Postfix and ClamAV.

    As of version 2.3, Postfix now supports Sendmail 8 Milter protocol. Now you can cut AMaViS …

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