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  1. Career Advice for Future Server and Network Engineers

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    I recently received an email from a reader looking for advice on how to get into server and network engineering. I thought these questions were relevant for anyone starting on the server or network engineer career path. If you can think of any other career related questions, feel free to …

  2. RCA Universal Remote and GE TV Codes

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    We have an RCA Universal Remote (RCR311B). We also have a GE TV that the remote is having hard time syncing up to. For those that can't find their manual, here's a list of RCA Universal Remote codes for LG TVs:

    • 1000
    • 1002
    • 1004
    • 1017
    • 1050
    • 1052
    • 1078
    • 1086
    • 1098 …
  3. RCA Universal Remote and Orion TV Codes

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    This was a problem that ended up being much more annoying than it should have been.

    We have an RCA Universal Remote (RCR311B). For some reason, it will not properly configure itself for use with our kids' small Orion TV. To add fuel to the fire, we brilliantly lost the …

  4. Motorola Q Wasn't Charging via USB

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    After a recent trip, I've misplaced the wall charger for my Motorola Q. It's likely that the silly thing is just in a bag somewhere in the house, but my wife thinks it may be at her office. None of that really matters — the silly thing is missing!

    Although I …

  5. Cisco Making My Day Difficult

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    Well, no matter how annoying these problems may be for me, there's surely some poor engineer at Cisco working his tail off to get the issue resolved.

    Good luck!

    UPDATE: More info from CNET regarding the outage.

  6. Do You Need Another Reason To Give?

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    The One Laptop Per Childproject was started by MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte to give computer access to children in developing nations. The organization believes that theirXO laptop can help children with little to no access to rudimentary education learn more effectively. This belief is bolstered by Negroponte's own …

  7. Tooting My Own Horn: Google PR 4

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    Let me start off by apologizing for what I'm about to do. The following is nothing more than ego stroking.

    A little over a week ago, Google began updating the PageRank indicator visible via the Google Toolbar. For those that aren't aware, Google PageRank is the visible "value" of a …

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