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Asterisk 1.2 Variable Length Limit

It seems the maximum length for variables (at least those in extensions.conf) in Asterisk 1.2 is 255 characters. Running into this problem has to be uncommon, but it can really bite you if aren't aware. Although I am only aware of this limitation in Asterisk 1.2, it might exist in other version as well.

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Cisco IP Phone: Rewrite Dialed 10 Digits to 7

If your carrier doesn't allow 10 digit dialing for local numbers, you are probably pretty annoyed that you can't just hit the redial button on those missed calls. It's possible to rewrite these dialed numbers in your phone system, but I wanted to do this on my Cisco 7961 IP Phone instead.

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Adding & Removing Dynamic Queue Members (Asterisk 1.4+)

In Asterisk 1.4 and above, you can dynamically add and remove queue members from an extension or the command-line interface (CLI). Although you will most likely do most of your adding and removing via extensions, you might also find it helpful to remove a queue member by hand on occasion. Extension Commands These commands can […]

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Two Random Asterisk-Related SQL Queries

I hate losing useful SQL queries, so I tend to save them. Ever so often, I stumble across a file of queries from some work I was doing months ago. The following two queries are just such a case. I was analyzing some call data for a call center that uses Asterisk. I set up a temporary database for this, so I can't even run them again. Still, it's nice to save them away for a rainy day.

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Linksys IP Phone Upgrade URL

Although Cisco now markets these phones and ATAs via their Small Business line, I still think of these devices as being Linksys. Although the software that Cisco provides for these devices comes with an upgrade executable, it is only for Windows operating systems. I have found that the easiest way to upgrade a phone without […]

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