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Sumo Paint - More Than Fun

On a whim today I decided to give Sumo Paint a try. I'm really surprised with the quality of this product. I never would have guessed that a free, browser-based image editing tool would be so responsive and easy to use. If you're into image editing, why not give it a try and leave your […]

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Giving BlogRush A Whirl

As you can see, I'm giving a new widget a whirl. BlogRush is an RSS syndication service that presents on-topic posts from around the Blogosphere to your readers. Generally, I don't buy into all this "Blogosphere" whoo-ha, but in this case it really seems to be a win-win situation. Readers of my blog get the […]

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Web Expert: Stephen Hebert and Acadian Imaging

More giving credit where credit is due. I recently had the great misfortune of opening Slaptijack in Internet Explorer. I was so horrified with how the site looked in IE, I immediately enlisted the help of Web Developer Stephen Hebert of Acadian Imaging. Generally, I prefer to figure these sorts of problems out on my […]

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Slaptijack Breaks into Alexa Top 1,000,000

Without much fanfare, Slaptijack broke into the Alexa Top 1,000,000 web sites earlier this week. Although the Alexa ranking is notoriously inaccurate, it does give some gauge of a site's popularity. Since Alexa relies on their toolbar to determine the reach of a website, I'd like to thank all the Slaptijack readers that are using […]

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Creating favicon.ico In Photoshop

Until recently, I used websites to convert PNGs or JPEGs into ICOs for me. My method was pretty simple: Google for "convert PNG to ICO" and use the first site that came up. I've recently decided that this method is bogus. Creating a 16x16 favicon.ico is incredibly simple, as long as you know to install […]

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