1. [Git] remote.origin.prune vs fetch.prune

    Posted on in programming

    What is the difference between git config remote.origin.prune true and git config fetch.prune true?

    When you fetch from a remote repository, Git creates a remote-tracking branch for each branch in the remote repository. These remote-tracking branches are used to keep track of the state of the remote …

  2. Bazel vs Buck

    Posted on in programming

    Bazel and Buck are two popular build systems used by large software companies. Both systems offer a number of features that make them well-suited for building large, complex codebases, including:

    • Multi-language support: Both Bazel and Buck support a wide range of programming languages, including Java, C++, Python, and Go.
    • High-level …
  3. The Benefits of Using GitHub Copilot

    Posted on in programming

    GitHub Copilot is a powerful AI-powered code completion tool that can help you write better code faster. It uses OpenAI Codex, a massive dataset of code and natural language, to understand the context of your code and suggest relevant code snippets and entire functions.

    Here are some of the benefits …

  4. Disabling Wordpress

    Posted on in uncategorized

    Today is the day!

    I've been working for several months to complete the transition off of Wordpress. After making a flurry of updates today, I decided now was as good a time as ever to finally pull the trigger.

    This site started on Wordpress in 2007. Over the years, I've …

  5. Hermeticity - So Hot Right Now

    Posted on in programming

    Hermeticity in software builds refers to the practice of creating software packages that are self-contained, with all necessary dependencies and resources included within the package. In other words, a hermetic build can be installed and run on any system, without requiring additional configuration or installations. This practice is becoming increasingly …

  6. [Python] Patching platform.uname in Tests

    Posted on in programming

    from unittest import IsolatedAsyncioTestCase
    from unittest.mock import create_autospec, patch
    from foo import is_foo, is_bar, platform
    class FooTestCase(IsolatedAsyncioTestCase):
                platform.uname_result, system="Linux", node="BAR"
        def test_wrapper_is_foo(self, m_uname …
  7. Git Remote Moved?

    Posted on in programming

    There are lots of reasons why your Git repository remotes might move. I recently dealt with a migration to GitHub. You can always just clone the repository again and go about your business, but I had several local branches I wanted to keep working on.

    There's lots of ways to …

  8. [Git] Per Repo SSH Identity

    Posted on in programming

    For work, I need a personal GitHub account in addition to my Enterprise Managed User (EMU) account. After updating my SSH keys the other day, I realized I had inadvertently locked myself out of using my personal account on my work laptop.

    Here's what that looked like:

    $ git pull
    ERROR …
  9. Quick Codemods with sed

    Posted on in programming

    I had a few different changes last week (in two different repos) that required one-line changes in lots of files.

    Quick note here that I'm using GNU sed. If you're on a Mac, you can use GNU sed, too (via Homebrew, for example).

    Example 1: Change Status

    In this first …

  10. [Python] Popular Search Terms

    Posted on in programming

    I thought it would be neat to keep an eye on the popular google search terms related to Python.

    The list below uses JavaScript from Google Trends. You can use the kebab menu icon to choose between "Top" and "Rising" search phrases.

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