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  1. Resolving ErrorProne's EqualsHashCode Warning in Java

    Posted on in programming


    ErrorProne is a static analysis tool for Java that helps developers catch potential issues and improve code quality. One common warning it provides is the EqualsHashCode warning. This warning suggests that the equals method should be overridden whenever the hashCode method is overridden to maintain the contract between these …

  2. Resolving ErrorProne's ReturnValueIgnored Warning in Java

    Posted on in programming

    When writing Java code, it's common to call methods that return values, such as methods that read from a file, make network requests, or perform calculations. Ignoring the return value of such methods can lead to subtle bugs and unexpected behavior in your application. ErrorProne, a static analysis tool for …

  3. I Want to Learn a New Programming Language

    Posted on in programming

    That's great! Learning a new programming language can be a great way to expand your skills and knowledge as a software engineer. There are many different programming languages to choose from, so it's important to consider your interests and goals when making a decision.

    Here are a few factors to …

  4. Why Choose Rust over Java for Microservices?

    Posted on in programming

    Microservices are all the rage these days. They're a great way to build scalable, resilient applications. And the best language for microservices development is Rust.

    Rust is a newer language, but it's quickly gaining popularity. It's memory-safe, fast, and expressive. And it has a great community of developers who are …

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