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Cisco Switch Cluster Automatic IP Addresses

If you've used Cisco switch clustering in a basic network (for example, when all switches are connected together and CDP is enabled), you've likely never considered how this switches communicate with each other. You might assume that the switches are using IP addresses from a common VLAN to communicate. Although this seems reasonable, that's not the case.

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RHEL 6 Brings Virtualization Changes

Yesterday, Red Hat announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6. For those of us interested in virtualization, RHEL brings along many changes. Performance RHEL 6 promises enhanced virtualization performance in several ways. First, the operating system is now theoretically able to handle 4,096 CPUs, 16 TB of memory, and 100 TB filesystems. […]

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RHEL 6 Finally Arrives

Red Hat finally announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 yesterday. RHEL 5 was released in early 2007, making the wait for RHEL 6 the longest since Red Hat rebranded their Linux-based operating system with the RHEL moniker in 2003.

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Cisco IOS 15 Licensing

For those that have been using Cisco IOS 12 forever, you may not have realized that Cisco has begun rolling out IOS 15. Although there are a lot of technical changes and features that are being introduced, IOS 15 introduces a new licensing scheme that may throw old users for a loop.

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23 Cheap VPS Providers

I've assembled this list of 23 cheap VPS providers. My criteria for "cheap" was $20 or less per month. I've made the table sortable so that you can see the list sorted by the criteria that is most important to you. You can sort on multiple columns by hold down the Shift key when clicking.

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