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Thermal Images of Core NAP Crew

Brian snapped these thermal images of a few Core NAP crew members with the FLIR i60 thermal tmaging camera this morning. He usually uses the FLIR i60 to do temperature analyses in the data center, but decided some of us needed analyzing, too.

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Open Registration Has Been Closed

As you might be aware, WordPress 3.0.2 has been released to fix a specific security vulnerability. This vulnerability required an attacker to have author-level privileges on a WordPress installation. This has led to a rash of new Slaptijack users to be created with the hopes of gaining author-level access. In order to stymy the influx […]

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How to Reset Your Amazon Kindle

Sometimes your wonderful Amazon Kindle may get hung and need a little help. How to go about issuing a hard or soft reset depends on which version of the Kindle you have. Kindle 1 (K1) Soft Reset: Hold down Alt-Shift-R Hard Reset: Remove the back cover and insert a paperclip in the small hole in […]

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Data Center Power Outage

Slaptijack was offline for 2.5 hours today when the data center with our server in it experienced a power outage. Apparently, the roof started leaking during a heavy rain storm and water dropped directly on a panel controlling the UPS. This caused the UPS to shutdown, and it took 2.5 hours for the data center […]

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Introduction to Database Systems: Collected Resources

The following resources were used in the writing of the Introduction to Database Systems article series: Bluttman, K. & Freeze, W. S. (2007). Access data analysis cookbook. Sebastopol, CA: O‚ÄôReilly. Churcher, C. (2007). Beginning database design: From novice to professional. Berkeley, CA: Apress. Farrell, J. (2008). Programming logic and design, comprehensive (5th ed.). Boston: Thomson […]

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