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Cisco EoL / EoS Batch #77

Don't forget, most Cisco End-of-Life / End-of-Sale announcements include a list of product migration options. If you need help deciding which product is best for you, send me a message. Selected Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Line Cards Selected Cisco (Linksys) Wireless-N Access Points with PoE, and Wireless-N Notebook Adapter Selected Cisco (Linksys) Ethernet Switches with […]

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Tech Messages | 2008-12-23

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2008-12-19 through 2008-12-23: A Double Handful of Programming Quotes 10 things every Perl hacker should knowThis document is really targeted at individuals new to Perl programming. It does have some useful tips, but nothing interesting for experienced Perl hackers. Java programming test, hands-on skillsDo you have the […]

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Security Updates | 2008-12-23

The FreeBSD Project Cross-site request forgery in ftpd(8) netgraph / bluetooth privilege escalation Microsoft Corporation Vulnerability in SQL Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution Sun Microsystems, Inc. Security Vulnerability in the X Inter Client Exchange Library (libICE) Shipped With Solaris May Allow a Denial of Service (DoS) An IP(7P) Spoofing Security Vulnerability in Mid-range Sun […]

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Security Updates | 2008-12-22

Microsoft Corporation Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution (957173) Vulnerabilities in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution (955218) Security Update for Internet Explorer (960714) Red Hat, Inc. RHSA-2008:1043 Important: java-1.4.2-bea security update RHSA-2008:1044 Important: java-1.5.0-bea security update RHSA-2008:1045 Important: […]

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Complicated Algorithm, Neat Images

I stumbled across this interesting image evolution project on AlteredQualia yesterday. This project takes Roger Alsing's example of image evolution using polygon rendering and re-implements it in JavaScript. I decided to run my own test against my avatar images. Both results use 50 polygons with 6 vertices.

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